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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Strip Club Shenanigans: All about nipples

Almost every day I go into work, I hear:

"Can I borrow some latex?"

The city where I have worked is pretty strict about how the strippers dress. Among a few rules: pubic hairs cannot be showing, the ass crack needs to be covered, and most of the breast needs to be covered in a pasties. (Before almost the entire breast needing to be concealed, only the areola had to be covered.)

And what happens if a stripper doesn't adhere to these city ordinances? Well, both she and the manager are booked into jail. Hence why the women constantly ask about what they call "latex".

Because of a loophole in the city ordinance, women can get away with wearing, let's say, "liquid pasties", usually in the form of fabric paint. They usually prefer to wear flesh-colored paint so that it is not so obvious that they have to cover the breast. When I first went to a strip club in 2011, I definitely saw the latex covering their nipples, but I thought it was there for decorative purposes.

Gold is usually a popular color to go with.

Of course, sucking nipples is illegal to do at the clubs. But it still happens. I have to wonder which idiots think that doing so is such a good idea. Some are not even discreet about it, trying to grab women's nipples with their mouths while she is onstage. Is the latex not enough of a deterrent? (I think I have noticed that the more obvious the paint is - especially in color - the less likely a man will try to suck on the nipples.) Does it not cross the customers' minds that there have been men before them in the same day who have wanted to or actually have sucked on their nipples? Do they not consider how unhygienic it is? How creepy they are being by trying to bite a woman's nipples without their permission?

When customers ask me about VIP rooms, other than outright asking about if the strippers will perform obviously illegal acts for them, whether or not they can remove the pasties or bottoms. I can understand why this question is asked. In their minds, they are probably questioning whether or not the legal side of the dress code is only applicable towards the more public areas, making it so the more private areas (like a VIP room) allows strippers to show their...private areas. Unfortunately, the dress code applies everywhere there are customers.

There was one club I worked at for a short time where the strippers were required by the club to have their tops on at all times, although I heard that dancers could "tip the managers well" *coughbribecough* so that they would turn the other way if they took off their tops in the VIP rooms. Even with this mandate, the management still required the strippers to wear latex on their breasts. I guess in case they did remove their tops during private dances or had a nip slip. Weirdly enough, they had a slogan for their VIP rooms which said, "What happens in VIP, stays in VIP!" Other than being expected to have to adhere to the dress code, I felt that this created an awkward miscommunication between customer and dancers, that is, if the dancers were law-abiding.

At most of the clubs I worked at, I would see strippers removing their latex in a single way - by awkwardly peeling it off. However, at this one club, I guess someone had discovered that using duct tape to remove it worked very well. So at the end of the day and night shifts, I would see rolls of duct tape being passed from stripper to stripper. It seemed that the tape only hurt those who had sensitive skin or nipples. Otherwise, the removal was pretty pain-free and effortless.

I have to wonder if the fabric paint can cause any harm in the short-or-long-term. I haven't heard anything from the dancers, but the question still lingers in the back of my head. I also wonder: what would it take for these city ordinances to be repealed? Not only do they hurt business, but unnecessary and over-the-top force is exhibited for even minor infractions. Until major reform is passed, I guess strippers will be passing along bottles of fabric paint for time to come.

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