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Here are some questions that I am asked a lot...or at least if anyone did ask me questions about myself and my blog, I think these would be the ones to be asked the most.

1. Why do you write this?

I have already explained a bit both in my Introduction and celebration of La Commedia Politica's first birthday, but I will gladly reiterate:

I am not the most qualified to talk about political ideas, but I believe it is because of exactly that I am able to view this subject from a fresh perspective. My goal with this is to not only make people more politically and socially aware, but to expand their minds. Too often, we like to get comfortable in the ways in which we view the world. The problem is that things are always changing, or more likely, different issues that have already existed are being brought to our attention, and if we are too stubborn to shift our views to encompass them, we may outright ignore them or parrot what our political party, ideology, or friends have to say. By doing that, it is easy to dismiss implications that incidents and legislation bring about in the real world. I am not here to make you agree with me. I won't lie - it'd be great if you did, but please, try to read what I have written with a critical mind, yet open enough to chew on new ideas.

2. Why do you publish articles on here rather than on more professional sites?

It's that I'm not opposed to publishing on more professional sites, but one reason I like writing on here is because I make some residual income, which is something, but doesn't really add up to anything. If you want to help a struggling artist make money, visit my YouTube channel.

Now that I have shared with you the most evil of reasons for I write here versus other places, another reason is because the casual environment allows for me to explore both my viewpoints on certain topics and creativity. Not to mention, I can spend less time on editing and revising.

Most importantly, I can make dumb jokes.

3. Is this blog geared towards libertarians?

Seeing as how I am a libertarian and have a bunch of libertarian friends and that pretty much only libertarians read libertarian literature, yes, this blog is geared towards libertarians. If you are not a libertarian and find yourself reading this, thank you for bearing with us. Maybe you find that we libertarians are too egotistical and oblivious to real world issues that it should remain the norm to ignore what libertarians have to say. If you actually like my insight into political and social issues, please help me reintroduce libertarian thought by continuing to read my posts (and others by libertarians), commenting on them, and sharing them.

4. How can I (or someone else) get an interview?

To date, my most popular post is the interview I did with Julie Borowski. My interviews are not limited to celebritarians and politicians. If you want promote yourself or just share (what you believe to be) your unique views, email me at Katrina.Haffner@gmail.com and we can try to set up something.

5. Do you do speaking gigs?

Yes, I am more than glad to speak at certain events. The main obstacle for me would be fitting it into my schedule since I am a full-time student. I don't charge anything, but if you or your group could afford it, it would be nice to get at least $50 because I am a broke-ass college student. All I ask is that my travel, board, and food be covered.

I am a theater student who concentrates on acting, so being up on a stage (or behind a podium) won't reduce me to a shivering puddle of anxious...whatever. I also facilitate a number of events on behalf of the Western Libertarians, WWU Students for Sensible Drug Policy, and None of the Above Club. In August 2014, I spoke for Students For Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Seattle Hempfest.

6. Can you review a certain book, film, etc.?

If you are willing to be patient, I can do a review. Not only would I have to read an entire book, watch the film, etc., I would have to write down what I think about it in a way that is coherent. Just keep in mind that I have drafts for this blog that are over a year old (and this is without having to review anything). Depending on how I'm feeling, I could write a dense analysis to a breezy "This is what it is!" kinda deal. The more ideas the book/film/whatever has, the more I will probably want to analyze its every detail.

It will make it much easier for me if I already own whatever you want me to review, if it's available at a library near me, or if you send it to me. I like receiving free things. Email me at Katrina.Haffner@gmail.com if you want to talk with me more about this.

This is what I look like. Yes, you can meme-ify me.

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